Connecting to Our Community

This fall, CenterStage Band and Show Choir will be celebrating its 10th anniversary, and the choir is already in full swing, preparing to make this show an unforgettable milestone.

While looking back at the last 9 successful and memorable shows, it is just as important to remember 9 years of giving more than just music to our community.

I believe in order for an organization to be successful for as long as CenterStage has, it needs to be built on a strong foundation. It needs to give its members a central focus that the whole group can believe in. Our mission statement does exactly that:

 “We believe that fostering a band and show choir dedicated to well-performed entertainment enhances the quality of life for the entire community — before the stage, CenterStage, backstage, at any stage of life.”

While we may be known for our “well-performed entertainment” once a year, I think it is our yearlong involvement in the greater Wausau area that truly shows our dedication to enhancing and serving our community.

We love to spread joy through music and have had wonderful opportunities to spread that joy throughout the area in a variety of different volunteer events, sing-outs and performances. In 2015 alone, CenterStage logged 1,185 volunteer hours!


When we’re not preparing for our annual show (and sometimes even while we are), we can be found singing at Never Forgotten Honor Flights, singing the National Anthem at various events including Wisconsin Woodchuck baseball games, helping out at community events like the Kris Kringle Christmas Market and Younkers Community Sale, and traveling the area to carol during the holiday season.



Whether we are singing or just lending some helping hands, CenterStage has always been community-centered and will continue to find new ways to help out the community that has supported us for so long!

To see more ways CenterStage stays involved all year round, follow us on Facebook: CenterStage Band and Show Choir



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