10 Weeks to 10 Years: Part 7

Singing’ and Swaying Through the program.jpegSixties

Here we go, folks! We made it past the half-way point of our tour through 10 years of CenterStage.

For their 6th annual show, CS presented a collection of music from the 1960’s.The show featured music from prominent artists and touched on the powerful and historic events the decade would ultimately be famous for.

Music played such an important role in this specific decade, as it highlighted and challenged the changes that were occupying the entire country.

From Motown soul to surfing with the Beach Boys, the same decade that introduced us to the Beatles gave us Jimi Hendrix. Psychedelic rock rang out alongside folk revival. Listeners heard James Brown and James Taylor, garage rock and Johnny Cash. Music of the 60’s was as diverse as the audiences it reached.

So, even though CenterStage narrowed their focus and worked within only 10 years  of music, there were still countless possibilities and opportunities to find something for everyone.

Singing and Swaying Through the Sixties featured 23 numbers that epitomized every aspect of the title decade. There was a very nostalgic feel to each performance. Actors that introduced songs also recited famous speeches from some of the most important figures of the 60’s.

The show was not just about singing great music, it was also about reminiscing and honoring efforts of those who found purpose in recapturing the ideals of a nation. CenterStage gave the audiences a glimpse back to a time where music used its magic to bring together people from every walk of life.

And bringing people together is a goal that exists every time CenterStage performs. Music can define generations, locations, and groups of people. Each show that CenterStage produces holds an opportunity to create a collection of songs that can unite a community. In 2012 they used a poignant time in history to celebrate diversity through music and now CenterStage is using Broadway musicals to the same effect.

This year’s show, A Night on Broadway, shows just as much of a range of styles and genres as the show 4 years ago. As always, they will be bringing the community together through a passion for performance and a desire to bring live entertainment to the masses.

Hopefully this show becomes an important part of the group’s history, not just because it is their 10th anniversary, but also because it represents a collection of music that holds such a close place in the hearts of their performers.


We are only 4 short weeks from this years show! We want to make sure everyone who wishes to see a high-quality life performance has the chance to do so.

Keep your eye out for our posters (left) around Wausau and the surrounding areas for all the info you may need, including where you can find FREE TICKETS! (Available now)

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Mark you calendars for A Night on Broadway, September 29, 30, and October 1.

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