10 Weeks to 10 Years: Part 8


In 2013, CenterStage presented the show Unforgettable, honoring musicians, singers, and composers that are no longer with us. The group showcased 23 numbers, remembering the works of Michel Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Patsy Cline, John Lennon and so many others. As the show promised “their music lives on”.

Throughout this series, as we countdown to another season of CenterStage, I’ve talked about how important music and performance is to the community that CS serves. Each show becomes a way to honor a specific musical movement.

Unforgettable was my first show as a performer, and after the first six years of CenterStage, this show seemed to ignite so many great flashbacks for the performers and audiences alike. It was fun to practice the numbers and hear fellow singers talk about how these songs brought back so many good memories.


CenterStage spent the 2013 season celebrating, and bringing life to the music of such talented individuals. The performances became a small contribution to the legacies that these artists left behind.

It is comforting to know that while these individuals may be gone, they are not forgotten. 2016 has already been impacted by the deaths of celebrities who will continue to inspire the world long after their death.

Gene Wilder recently passed away, and upon hearing the news, so many people took to social media. They posted their favorite characters he had played, movies that impacted them in some way, or memorable quotes. People made a conscious effort to remember the best parts of the person they loved so much. I personally sat down with my family over the holiday weekend and watched Blazing Saddles.

This year we also said goodbye to musicians including Prince, David Bowie, and Merl Haggard. As the news spread of these losses, there was an outpouring of love and a fresh look at their music as if to say “your music will live on”. It seems we never want to fully say goodbye to those who impacted us so greatly. So sing “Purple Rain” and dance with Ziggy Stardust– we must keep the music alive.

2013 was made to be unforgettable, but every show holds memories for the performers that live on far beyond the final curtain. Below, CS members chimed in with some of their most unforgettable moments with CenterStage:

Being able to Celtic dance with the band. Even though I did it with two severely sprained wrists that I got while rehearsing for this number. -Mollie Roever

Performing “Grandma’s Feather Bed” with Jeff Addison and Liz Hans…we blocked that song in 20 minutes and the audience loved it! -Lynn Meyer

Being able to perform with my mom. The duet we did for the 70’s show is one of my all time favorite performing memories. – Jenna Diedrich 

The first time Paula Hall sat next to me. I was absolutely star struck and could hardly sing!– Katie Minch 

…the fellowship, love and the joy in sharing the gift of music with my friends at Centerstage was there to help my heart go on and continues to do so. -Shari Sailing

Performing the duet “Sisters” with My awesomely talented friend Jodi Peters!! Then trying not to lose it behind the scene while my husband Doug and Duey Boettcher hammed it up lip syncing to our vocals!!! -Alicia Gjertson

We hope that the 2016 show will be just as unforgettable. We are honoring so many great artists and creating even more memories to carry with us long after the final performance of the season.

Pick up your tickets, and get ready to make some memories of your own as we present:

A Night on Broadway September 29, 30 and October 1 .

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